About Our Firm

Regenesis Reserves serving Oregon and Washington, is a reputable reserve study provider that has been serving homeowner’s associations for more than a decade. When you need to create or update a reserve study, rely on none other than our experienced consultants.

Michael Stewart, PRA

Michael is our senior reserve study analyst at Regenesis, a Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA), and a proud member of the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA). He was a featured guest speaker at the 2015 APRA Convention.

Since 2010, Michael has been integral in Regenesis’ day-to-day operations. He has developed the company’s proprietary reserve study software.

Michael has been the primary contact for more than 600 HOA clients, performing reserve studies for condominiums, mid-rise buildings, townhomes, golf courses, churches, and private high schools throughout OR and WA. He is reputable for uncovering and pinpointing ways for HOA communities to save significant dollars.

He has an MS in Engineering from a top-ranked university. In addition to his expertise in reserve studies, he has more than 10 years of experience as a design engineer and project manager in commercial and residential construction.

Michael Steward, PRA

Richard Thompson, PRA

Richard is the founder of Regenesis, a Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA), and the treasurer of the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts. He brings more than 30 years of experience in real estate sales, construction, and property management to the company. Additionally, he has held real estate broker’s licenses in MT, HI, and OR.

Since 1992, Richard has been focusing on homeowner’s association (HOA) management. In 1996, he founded Regenesis to offer financial, maintenance, and administrative planning services to HOA managers, developers, and boards.

Richard hosts Regenesis.net, the world’s largest internet HOA resource, and writes the monthly Regenesis Report HOA newsletter. He is also the founder of the Oregon Washington Community Association Managers.

He has authored 2 books and some articles, which have been featured in numerous industry publications. Moreover, he is a weekly columnist for RealtyTimes.com, the largest Internet real estate news service.

Richard has been quoted as an HOA subject-matter expert in more than 24 publications. His name was mention in The Wall Street Journal, Money, The Washington Times, HGTV, Chicago Tribune, Florida Times-Union, The Business Journals, Daily Journal of Commerce, The Oregonian, and MSN.com.

Richard Thompson, PRA

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