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A Reserve Study is the fundamental planning tool you need.

Regenesis Reserves is a recognized reserve study provider in the Pacific Northwest serving Washington and Oregon since 1998. Regenesis Reserves is an active member of the Association of Professional Reserve Analysts (APRA) and our consultants hold the Professional Reserve Analyst (PRA) designation, the highest credential in the reserve study industry.

The reserve study analyzes major repair and replacement needs like roofing and painting and provides a funding plan for accumulating money to perform this work when its needed. It is a fundamental planning tool that all homeowner associations need.

Why choose Regenesis Reserves for your HOA?
  • Regenesis Reserves is an established firm specializing in HOA Reserve Studies.
  • Has prepared over 3,000 Reserve Studies.
  • Advise ways for HOA communities to save significant money.
  • Reports comply with Oregon and Washington statutes.
  • Help clients anticipate major renovation costs.
  • Identify funding gaps to minimize special assessments.
  • We work with Homeowner’s Associations, Property Managers, and Board Members to develop solutions to long term funding goals.
  • Serve condominiums, planned communities, floating homes, timeshares, golf courses, religious facilities, private schools and marinas.

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